Three Phase Static Multi Function Meter (SPU301)

Display Parameters

Display Details

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) type - The parameters are calculated by the meter are displayed,
  • Selectable Parameters - Can select any out of 45 parameters.
  • Scroll rate - The scroll rate of the display parameter scroll in steps of 4secs.
  • A key is provided to stop the scroll to view the particular parameter.

Display Parameters:

  • Time,
  • Date,
  • Meter ID,
  • Serial No,
  • Frequency,
  • Phase Sequence,
  • Cummulative KWh, KVAh, KVArh lag, KVArh lead,
  • Import KWh, KVAh, KVArh Lag, KVArh Lead,
  • Export KWh, KVAh, KVArh Lag, KVArh Lead,
  • Voltages R ph, Y ph, B ph,
  • Current R ph, Y ph, B ph,
  • Power Factor (p.f.)R ph, Y ph, B ph,
  • Total KW,
  • KVAr (R,Y,B),
  • Total KVAr,
  • KVA (R,Y,B),
  • Total KVA,
  • Rising Demand (RD),
  • Maximum Demand (MD),
  • Voltage Unbalance,
  • Voltage Failure,
  • Current Unbalance,
  • Current Failure,
  • Current Reverse.

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