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Multi Function Meter
( SPU301)

Three Phase Static Multi Function Meter (SPU301)
    General Specification
    •   Meter measures Active
    •   Active, Reactive and Apparent energies in all four quadrants in forward and reverse directions,
    •   Instantaneous parameters phase wise voltages and currents,Power, Frequency, Rising Demand,
    •   Maximum Demand, Phase sequence, Power Factor, Date and Time.
    •   Eight Energy accumulators KWh, KVArh (lag and lead) and KVAh in forward and reverse directions,
    •   KWh and KVArh pulse output LEDs placed on front panel,
    •   LCD with backlight feature and LCD segments for indicating presence of voltages and currents in each phase separately is available,
    •   Front Key to stop and scroll to view display parameter,
    •   RTC with battery backup is used for time keeping and has a calendar of 100years,
    •   Data collection is possible through RS485 Communication with MODBUS RTU to PC and can also be done through Power Line Communication,
    •   Conforms to standards IS13779 and other relevant standards depending on the configuration.