EB/DG Interlocking System (SPSENSE)

General Specification

  • Meter indicates Power ON/OFF status of EB , DG and Bus Coupler incomer
  • Works according to truth table (as per application it varies)
  • 332 indicates 3 EB, 3 DG and 2 BC,
  • 221 indicates 2 EB, 2 DG and 1 BC,
  • Output relay connections are based on the load conditions, since this is of potential free type it can be used as DG sense for Dual source energy meters.
  • Casings are of Strong plastic molded material and for this EARTHING not required.
  • Data collection is possible through RS485 Communication with MODBUS RTU to PC and can also be done through Power Line Communication.
  • Can be auto setup small flow rate ignored.

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