KWH Energy Meter (SPK300)

Technical Specification

Accuracy Class 1.0s
System Type 3 Phase 4 Wire
Resolution 0.01 (for Combined kWh)
Display Multi Parameter LED (3 ROW)
Auxiliary Supply 85 - 265 VAC
Current CT Whole Current (External) - (10 - 60)A
Starting Current 10mA
Power Factor 4 quadrant operation
Frequency 50Hz, ±5%
Temperature Operating Temp : -10 to 55 °C
Storage Temp : -20 to 70°C
Humidity 5 to 95% RH at 50 °C
Dimension 96 mm x 96 mm x 48 mm(Including connectors)
Panel Cutout 92 mm x 92 mm (- 0.5mm)
Mounting Panel Mountable
Connector Type Screw type terminals (U Lug 2.5mm)
Weight 350 g approx.
(i) Field Programmability of the meter is optional based on the customer requirement
(ii) Each meter is given a unique number at the factory.

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