KWH Energy Meter (SPK300)

Display Parameters

Display Details

  • 7 segment (3*4 digits) LED type - The parameters are calculated by the meter are displayed,
  • Selectable Parameters - Can select any out of 7 parameters.
  • Scroll rate - The scroll rate of the display parameter scroll in steps of 4secs.
  • Keys are provided to stop, scroll, edit and to view the particular parameter.

Display Parameters

  • Time,
  • Date,
  • Meter ID with Phase Sequence,
  • Frequency (Hz.),
  • Cumulative - RYB - Active Energy (KWh),
  • Instant Active Power - KW - R,Y,B,
  • Instant - KW - RYB.

Key Features:

  • The Parameter setup can be done through 4 nos. of soft keys on front fascia
  • Keys on the front panel is used to
    • Scroll, increment, decrement through display parameter,
    • To set the Meter ID,
    • Time, Date,
    • MD Reset, Energy Reset,
    • Change password.
==> Press scroll key once the parameter set is completed, this allows to view the parameters one after the other automatically (change over time period is 4 secs). If this is not done auto scroll will not happen.

Key Feature Descriptions:-

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