Smart Street Light Solution



Remote operation and maintenance of individual street lamp pole by wireless smart meter technology with Energy cost saving mechanism

Single Phase Meter

  • Meter measures Active, Reactive, Apparent energy on 1 phase 2 wire system,
  • Output LED are placed on side panel to indicate Power ON and Load ON/OFF status,
  • Electronics are placed inside IP65 based enclosure,
  • Wireless Xbee Communication can be done between Co-ordinator (Master) and Meter,
  • Load relay is provided to disconnect or connect load according to the site conditions via GPRS communication
  • Specifically meant for lighting systems

Three Phase Meter

  • Meter measures:
    • Active, Reactive and Apparent energies in all four quadrants in forward and reverse directions
    • Instantaneous parameters – phase wise voltages and currents, Power, Frequency, Rising Demand, Maximum Demand, Phase sequence, Power Factor, Date and Time.
  • All the electronics are enclosed in IP65 based enclosure and so no external EARTHING TERMINAL is required,
  • RTC with battery backup is used for time keeping and has a calendar of 100 years,
  • Meter data will be collected via RS485 communication and in turn it is transmitted to web page via GPRS communication
  • Three separate load relays are connected which can be used to connect or disconnect the load. This can done individual phase and all the three phase.

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