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IOT Based Energy

Monitoring Console

  •   Will have option to monitor all street lights independently
  •   Option to set timing (ON / OFF)
  •   Option to set Voltage ranges based on timings
    •   Switch ON the light at 7 PM (change the timing to 5:45 PM in winter period) server will be available.
    • Highest voltage from 7 PM to 10 PM
    • Lower the voltage from 10 PM to 1 AM
    • Further reduce from 1AM to 4 AM
    • Increase the voltage from 4 AM to 5:45 AM
    • Switch of at set timings
  •   Find the voltage, current, THD parameters of each feeder pillar
  •   Determine LT line losses incurred in comparison with street lights vs feeder pillar

Distinct partial features

  •   Local controller will be placed in the feeder pillar with Real Time Clock
  •   Local copy of the timings set in the remote server will be available.
  •   In case there is a communication failure,the local controller will continue to function as normal
  •   Data will be logged and restored in central server as and when communication resumes.
  •   A request for Switching ON/OFF is sent from the central server too at the same time,this will ensure ON/OFF operation-even when there is a power shutdown temporarily in the feeder pillar.

IOT based Energy Audit

  •   Energy Audit has become mandatory of-late with increase in electricity costs and regulations
  •   SPZ introduces Energy Data Collection as a Service to facilitate energy auditors towards getting the data online.
  •   All required parameters will be collected from the field and pushed to central server
  •   Appropriate login details will be shared with the energy auditor / Client, who will know about the various electrical parameters.
  •   Based on the above parameters collected online, (for 2 – 3 days), the energy auditor, along with details collected from field and energy bills / cost incurred shall coorelate and give a accurate factual report.
  •   Measure the various instantaneous parameters at that point of time including the below which we could use for analyzing purposes and determine the quality of power.
  •   Since the measurement of Watts parameter in the baseline period is critical for energy auditing, the energy measuring devices (Watt hour and Time) which will be used for this purpose should be of web based (IOT based) one and the test parameters, especially, the kWh, V, kW, I, time parameters shall be captured on realtime basis, the relative precision of measurement at 95% confidence level should be committed the statistical analysis and acceptance of test results should also be in conformity with Appendix B of IPMVP Volume I, EVO 10000 -1:2012.
  •   The make, model number, Parameters, Range and limits of errors along with the calibration certificates issued by an NABL accredited laboratory should be furnished for these meters. Method of conducting such test for measuring the watts parameter should be reported.
  •   The data captured will be available online for at least 3 months, so that the same can be referenced at later point of time.
  •   Performing a after-audit analysis as per IPMVP, ensures validation of the audit.
  •   Continuous monitoring will be improved and client will be advised on the key parameters that need to be monitored on a day to day basis / weekly / monthly basis, so that energy savings are achieved through continous monitoring.
  •   IOT based audit, eradicates human errors.