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      HT Modemcommunicates data through PLC (Power Line Communication) technology that enables sending data over existing power cables. This means that with just power cables running to an electronic device one can both power it up and at the same time control/retrieve data from it.
    Modem employs a HT Coupler in between HT MODEM and 11KV power line for communication which can withstand up to 12KV with inbuilt fuse (2A) setup.
Panel Description
    Modem Front panel has 6 way connector for control signal termination , 4 way connector for Auxiliary supply , a Acknowledge Key , a Co-Axial Connector for HT coupler connection, and a Power On Indicator
    •   Terminal Connector:
      • Door sense : from limit switch
      • Alarm : Potential Free
      • Trip Relay : Potential free
    •   Acknowledge Key:
      • Type : Push button
      • Purpose : To Reset the Alarm/Trip manually.
    •   Co-Axial Connector:
      • To communicate the signal in power line via coupler.
    •   LED :-
      • Power ON Indication
      • TX and RX Indication
      • Acknowledgement