Energy Billing solution


Billing roll out can be done directly by the client for all tenants

  • Provision to log all the TNEB bill parameters
  • Provision to include opening / closing readings of EB and DG separately
  • Sharing of EB / DG done automatically by software (in case of running EB and DG simultaneously)
  • Provision to include discrete consumption readings of Lighting / Power / UPS separately
  • Provision to include AHU / BTU readings separately
  • Provision to calculate COP (Co-efficient of Performance) and bill based on the same.
  • Provision to include common readings including transformer losses and LT cable losses
  • Sharing of the Taxes proportionate to each tenant (based on area of occupancy / units consumed)
  • Common billing done based on rate per Sq.ft.
  • Complete summary for landlord on the cost incurred to TNEB vs cost recovered from tenants
  • Detailed Bill handed over to tenants
STEP 1: Get Bill Details for every month

STEP 2: Get EB Bill Details

STEP 3: Compute Transformer Loss / Diesel Cost

STEP 4: Compute EB / DG - Electrical Consumption

STEP 5: Compute AC Thermal Energy

STEP 6: Compute Co-Efficient of Performance (COP)

STEP 7: Compute Cost Per Sq.ft - Common

STEP 8: Relate Area of Sq.ft. with common consumption

STEP 9: Generate Bill

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