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Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing Solution

    •   No extra cabling is required across the building from Energy meter to Centralized computer.
    •   Email Daily / Monthly Reports.
    •   SMS Alerts to maintenance team
    •   No extra service providers, so no recurring costs.
    •   Technology use the existing Power Line to communicate the energy consumption details to centralized computer.
    •   Integrated with a web-based application which can be used in internet or intranet.
    •   EB KWH and DG KWH measured separately.
    •  >PF EB and PF DG measured separately.
    •   EB Running Hours and DG running hours per day.
    •   (Real Time Clock) RTC based system.
    •   Can see instant voltage / current values.
    •   Can Monitor THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) value.
    •   Hardware can be retrofitted to existing static energy meter (Require Protocol details.
    •   Minimal implementation time.No meter reading personels required.
    •   No data collection cost.
    •   Energy consumption history.
    •   Can include Fuel consumption of diesel tank in the application.
    •   Maintenance cost is reduced.
      Energy Audit done automatically as historical data available. No separate energy auditing required
    •   Location of energy losses can be determined through analysis of data
    •   Tampering of meters can be identified
    •   User friendly web-based system provided, no client software required. Just view the reports in web-browser. As simple as checking emails.
    •   Trend analysis and graphical representations of energy and fuel consumption (can provide even re-fill time / status)
    •   Alerts and alarms provided in the application as required by the client.
    •   Energy loss report between Incomer and load provided
    •   Transformer losses calculated
    •   Maximum demand controller can be integrated with the system (Alarm and Trip conditions).
    •   Reports can be customized as per the clients requirement.
    •   Application easily integrated to Tenant Billing