Communication (powerlined/cable)


There can be various mode of communication for implementing the Building management system. This can be suggested to the client by doing a system study of the location. The factors that influence the mode of communication shall be the client's requirement / topography and feasibility. However, our BMS solution can be provided vide.

  • Power Line communication
  • Wired (RS485) communication (conventional)
  • RF (Series 2) - Zigbee Communication
  • GPRS communication

Based on the location, we can also suggest a hybrid combination of the above communication modes. We can opt for any mode of communication based on the requirement of client. The Commonly used modes of communication are,

Wired (If distance is very less and cabling is possible)

  • Also preferred mode, if the frequency of getting the data from all meters should be very high
  • Normally used for any high critical monitoring where data loss is not acceptable - dedicated wiring shall be used for communication
  • Instantaneous data monitoring - possible

Power Line Communication

  • Preferable for energy consumption monitoring / linked to billing
  • As data is transferred through existing power line, implementation time is quick
  • But, harmonic disturbances / power line interferences may result in loss of data at some instances. But the data (energy accumulation) will be received in the next iteration.


  • Preferable when the central monitoring station and the energy meters are at different locations.
  • For example, one office is located at Chennai and another office at Delhi, but a monitoring station is at Bangalore, GPRS is best way to communicate.
  • Monthly Recurring cost will be there
  • Communication dependent on service provider (like Airtel GPRS)
  • Instantaneous data monitoring not possible

RF / Zigbee

  • Preferable within a shorter distances, but where no cabling can be done
  • RF interferences are higher and communication is dependent on environmental conditions.
  • Instantaneous data monitoring not possible

Based on the above criteria, the client can decide mode of communication as per their requirement.

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