Cell Tower Energy Monitoring(BTS)



  • There can be 2 different possibilities in sites
    • Dual source energy meter
    • 4 Channel DC energy meter
  • We can use the same setup for both kinds of implementation (PIU / Non-PIU control panels)
  • In PIU sites
    • CT placed inside the PIU
    • All power supply inputs taken from PIU (Spare) add-on blocks
  • In Non-PIU
    • CT placed in the incoming section of the BTS (from Control panel)
    • NO/NC contact taken from AMF panel for identifying EB / DG
  • Ultrasonic non-contact Diesel sensor mounted in the top of tank
  • All precautionary steps taken before and after implementation
  • DC shunt (80 Amps) placed in a separate enclosure with Copper bus-bar arrangement
  • 25 Sqmm wire used for each channel

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