Cell Tower Energy Monitoring(BTS)



  • Data collecting software from GPRS placed in server with Static IP address
  • Data populated in MYSQL database
  • Web-based application software developed in PHP used for monitoring / analyzing the data
  • No scope for malpractice or error in data
  • No man power required for taking readings
  • Time wise energy consumption reports and load profile reports for EB and DG separately.
  • Linux or Windows server based on client's requirement (Preferably Windows based)
  • Reports through web in PDF format
  • Flash based graphical representations
  • Alerts through SMS (Optional) / Pop ups

Data Security

  • Multiple levels of Data security provided
  • Level 1 - Login to the application
    • User Level Access rights, menu, edit/view access control
  • Level 2 - Secured Socket Layer Access (https)
  • Level 3 - Firewall protection for Server Access
  • Level 4 - DB Server accessible only through Application server
  • Level 5 - Sensitive Data encrypted and stored in the database
  • Level 6 - Encryption / Decryption of data through 128 bit encryption

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