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Cell tower Monitoring

Cell Tower Energy Monitoring(BTS)


    SPZ is proud to introduce a Cell Site monitoring and Tower operations centre.
Highlights of our system are
    •   Monitor Alarms and electrical parameters of BTS
    •   Separate monitoring for a provider and other sharing cellular operations
    •   To be capable of handling more than 20,000 sites
    •   Configurable hierarchies such as multiple circles, regions across india
    •   Our design complies the above objective
    •   We comply the scope of work provided to us which includes
    •   Design
    •   Develop
    •   Supply
    •   Install
    •   Test & Commission
    •   Hardware, Firmware and Application software (Data collecting & web-based)
    •   Maintain the above on 24x7 basis with SLA
    Design Compliance
    •   State-of-art, follow industry standards, reliable hardware, firmware and related software
    •   Handle more than 20,000 sites
    •   Designed to manage multiple circles across India and capable of managing the assets
    •   Designed to sense, measure (Class 0.5 accuracy), communicate, monitor and manage electrical parameters
    •   Log data, trigger alarms and events based on requirements
    •   Store all data for monitoring and managing through analysis
    •   User Access rights based data and message handling
    •   Software scalable and no limitations. Use Open source technologies - C#, PHP, MYSQL.