Technical Specification

System type 230 VAC Input Voltage
Resolution 0.001 (for p.f.)
Display 7 segment LED display (single row)
Auxiliary Supply 85 - 265 VAC
AC Current Primary side - Programmable (5A - 6000A)
Starting Current 10mA
Frequency 50Hz,±5%
Temperature Operating Temp. - (-10 to 55)±°C
Storage Temp. - (-20 to 70)±°C
Humidity 5 to 95% RH at 50 ±°C
Dimension (144 x 144 x 48) mm (Inclusive of connector)
Mounting Panel Mountable
Connector Type Screw type terminals (U Lug 2.5mm)
Weight 350gms. (app.)
i) If supply Voltage and current is different phase, APFC relay may not work properly.

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