Display Parameters of APFCR

Display Parameters

  • 7 segment Red LED Display (Single Row) - The parameters are calculated by the meter are displayed,
  • Selectable Parameters - Can select any parameters.
  • Scroll rate - The scroll rate of the display parameter scroll in steps of 4secs.
  • Keys are provided to stop, scroll, edit and to view the particular parameter.

Display Details

For (SP1108):

For (SP1112):

Instant Power Factor (Default Display) Instant Power Factor (Default Display)
Device ID Meter ID
CT Primary Value CT Primary Value
Frequency Frequency
Voltage Voltage
Current Current
Instant Reactive Power Instant Reactive Power
Capacitor Bank 1 Capacitor Bank 1
Capacitor Bank 2 Capacitor Bank 2
Capacitor Bank 3 Capacitor Bank 3
Capacitor Bank 4 Capacitor Bank 4
Capacitor Bank 5 Capacitor Bank 5
Capacitor Bank 6 Capacitor Bank 6
Capacitor Bank 7 Capacitor Bank 7
Capacitor Bank 8 Capacitor Bank 8
Real Time Capacitor Bank 9
Real Date Capacitor Bank 10
Capacitor Bank 11
Capacitor Bank 12
Real Time
Real Date

Key Features:

  • The Parameter setup can be done through 4 nos. of soft keys on front fascia
  • Keys on the front panel is used to
    • Scroll, increment, decrement through display parameter,
    • To set the Meter ID,
    • Time, Date,
    • Change password.
==> Press scroll key once the parameter set is completed, this allows to view the parameters one after the other automatically (change over time period is 4 secs). If this is not done auto scroll will not happen.

Meter Descriptions:-

Mode Selection:

  • Auto/Manual Key is used for Mode Selection. When press it , display ask for PASS WORD.
  • Once enter the correct Pass Word , display will highlight the present mode (either Auto Or Manual) by blinking.
  • Now with UP or Next Key the required Mode can be selected
  • By pressing Mode Key the selected Mode is registered .It can be viewed by concern LED on Auto/Manual Key.

Auto Mode:

  • In Auto Mode , the APFC monitor the instant KVAr, and calculates the average KVAr at the interval of 5 sec.
  • If the average KVAR is inductive, the controller will switch on the corresponding capacitor bank to get the unity PF.
  • If the KVAR is Capacitive, turn Off the Bank which is suitable to get the unity PF.
  • Note: Capacitor bank ON Status will be shown by concern Yellow LED on front fascia .

Manual Mode:

  • Capacitor bank can be switched ON and OFF manually by pressing corresponding switch (CB1 to CB12).
  • The reconnection is possible only after the set time which is programmable.
  • Reswitching On time is programmable and OFF time is 5 Sec.

Capacitor Read:

  • In set mode, we can execute the Capacitor read function.
  • APFC read the KVAR Value in Capacitor banks and store in the location C1 to Cn. (where n is the no of Stages)

Capacitor Value:

  • In set mode, we can enter the KVAr Value for health checking.

Health Checking:

  • Limits of health checking are programmable.
  • If banks are Unhealthy capacitor banks are indicated by glowing red LED.

Input Supply:

  • Both voltage and current circuit should take from the same phase.

Set Parameters:

  • Device ID
  • CT Value
  • Required PF
  • Capacitor Read (CAP rd)
  • Reconnection Time (rt)
  • Capacitor Value
  • Unhealthy Limit
  • Real Time
  • Real Date
  • Change Password

Enabling Auto scroll / Manual Scroll :

  • Enabling Manual scroll: Press Stop/Scroll key to enable manual scroll mode Now parameters can be viewed one by one using Up and Next Keys
  • Enabling Auto scroll : When display in manual mode, press Stop/Scroll to enter into auto scroll mode. Parameters will scroll 4 secs. one after the other. By default, when meter is switched ON it will be in auto scroll mode.

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